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Wilt u regelmatig op de hoogte blijven van nieuwe ontwikkelingen en trends op het gebied van recruitment en bent u geïnteresseerd in de resultaten van kandidaat-onderzoeken en praktische tips? Dan is de HR Newsletter van StepStone precies wat u zoekt!

Eenmaal per kwartaal ontvangt u waardevolle inzichten over de volgende onderwerpen:

- Ontwikkelingen in de HR-sector

- Praktische tips voor uw recruiting

- Data voor onze gratis webinars

- Nieuws over StepStone-producten, -projecten en -evenementen

- Inzicht in het gedrag van kandidaten

- Uiteraard is onze nieuwsbrief gratis



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Please use the following questionnaire to send us the content and branding elements of your new Company Hub. Please heed the specifications regarding text length and image sizes.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us by email at companyhub@stepstone.de zur Verfügung.


Use the following text field to present the benefits and services that you offer as an employer. This will help to increase your presence on StepStone and give interested candidates a first impression of your company.

The company portrait text should be a new text and not simply copied from your website. This significantly increases findability on search engines like Google.

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Flex-Tab: Free space for a topic of your choice

You would like to make the applicants aware of a special advanage of your company - but this does not fit into one of the given categories? In this case there is the "Flex-Tab": a tab that you can title yourself and fill with a recruiting related topic of your choice (e.g. social commitment of the company or special employee benefits).

Application process
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Finally, please provide your name and email address so that we can notify you once the Company Hub has been created.

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