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From Portugal to Poland, we deliver millions of delicious dishes across 11 countries every week. Whether people know us as,, or simply “that food app”, they all rely on us for quick and easy access to their favourite food.

We’ve come a long way from our beginnings as a small attic business in the days of dial-up internet (remember that?) to an international food delivery powerhouse. But the key ingredient driving our growth isn’t food, it’s people!

Our colleagues are based in nine wonderful locations. They include our Amsterdam HQ and tech hubs in Berlin, Enschede and Tel Aviv - as well as offices in Bucharest, Brussels, Sofia and Wrocław. But despite our huge growth, you’ll find a warm welcome at every office.

Whatever your skills, we offer a wide variety of exciting roles. As well as an array of tech positions, we’re looking for everything from Marketing maestros and data-crunching Finance experts to Sales stars and Logistics specialists – all ensuring our operations run smoothly.

With roles in those departments, and many more (we know you don’t have all day!), it’s time to spice up your career and take a bite out of life at Find your perfect job below…

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Horeca & catering


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