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Think of a place, sitting between the continents of Asia and Europe, where you can go to same places both through the sea and through the land like a bird.

This is where we got our name. We carried on the values of yesterday to today. Our goal is to carry your brand, your products, like we carried these these values to today in a secure, permanent and speedy way.

Because our job is time. Because our job is continuity. Because our job is innovation. It has made its principle the thought of, better service will be reached only by best analyzing the customer needs, and put forth the understanding of innovative and dynamic customer focused service in world standards, worthy of specialty, supremacy, and beauty of the name “Istanbul”.

Istanbulogistics Group; with its educated staff and modern fleet, ensures the transportation of the products exactly on time to the intended destination by planning their warehousing, delivery and by arranging suitable conditions and vehicles.

Actualizing its logistics service in 3 stages, as “project, methods and operation”, Istanbulogistics Group, passes on to operation stage after determining basic necessities like current situation analysis, project application and human resources planning.

We carry the strong obligation of being a brand that gained a place in the World Market and thus, we are conscious of our responsibilities at all times.

We are ready to be your logistics partner.

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