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Danfoss HPP is a part of the Industry Business area organized under the Cooling segment. HPP designs and supplies a comprehensive range of high-pressure pumps, energy recovery devices and valves for high-pressure applications within reverse osmosis, ultra-pure water and tap water. The products are manufactured in Denmark, where the headquarter for Danfoss Cooling Segment is located and sold world-wide.

Since 2010, the business produces annual growth rates in the level of 15-20 pct., and HPP has a very ambitious growth plan for the coming years focused on reverse osmosis, humidification, gas turbine and cleaning applications. The sales channels are comprised of direct business to OEMs and EPCs as well as a network of distributors. Each of these segments and channels should be served effectively and with an ambition of growth, and development of the sales organization plays a central in this intent.

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